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3, 4 & 7 Unforgettable Weeks

Silver Lake is one of the finest session camps in the United States.

Your Silver Lake experience combines a rich history with top-notch facilities and programs at a superior summer camp. Silver Lake campers benefit from the full program of a seven-week experience jam-packed into 3 or 4 week sessions. Many of our campers love the experience so much that they stay for both sessions.  We welcome boys and girls age 7 through 16 to join us for a summer of Fun, Friends, Sports, Arts, and Adventure.

Since 2004

Adam Kappel

Adam Kappel has been a member of the Chipinaw family since the age of ten, growing up at camp with his brothers and cousins. Adam loved everything about his second home so much that he became a high school math teacher so he could continue working at camp. From a counselor to a group leader to the athletic director, he gained experience in multiple areas. In 2005 Adam became the director of Silver Lake. His mission was to pass on the rich Chipinaw traditions to our Silver Lake campers, and to his own family as well. He met his wife, Susan, at Chipinaw in 1995, and their boys, Jordan and Brett, grew up at Chipinaw. During the winter months he works with Michael and Shari to continue to improve the Silver Lake experience for all of our campers.

On behalf of the entire Chipinaw & Silver Lake family, we look forward to meeting and welcoming you into our summer family.


begins with you

We believe in a culture that promotes kindness, inclusion, respect and patience.

In this ever-changing world, we encourage our campers and staff to look out for one another and take care of each other. Our CHIP program helps teach campers  core values. Each week, campers are nominated by fellow bunkmates and staff for representing the values of our camp community. Each Friday night, we celebrate the winners in front of the entire camp as they receive their CHIP pin. Campers can receive all four letters throughout their years as a camper. In addition, we have weekly Campers of the Week and King/Queen of Kindness awards.  We are proud of our community who go the extra mile to accept, learn, and grow alongside their fellow campers.

"Treat people the way you want people to treat you" ~ Michael Baer

New Campers

Leaving home for the first time can be an adjustment for both the campers and their parents.

We know how important it is for our campers to feel ready once they step off the bus on opening day. Our staff and returning campers are prepared and excited to welcome our newest members home..Before your child arrives at camp, there are many opportunities to get to know both new and returning campers. We host an annual New Camper event in the Spring, and a New Camper BBQ one week before opening day. Once our new campers arrive, you will receive a phone call within the first 48 hours from either the Camp Director or Group Leader, letting you know how your child is adjusting.

Welcome to Chipinaw and Silver Lake, the best sleepaway camp you'll find in New York! Our camps offer an exciting, engaging experience for children aged 7-16. We are committed to providing children with unforgettable summers, filled with fun, friendship, and adventure. Our facilities are top-notch, designed to provide campers with an environment that’s as comfortable as it is fun. We know that camp is a big decision for parents and children, and we are here to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Where strangers become 
friends and friendships 
last forever



Shari & Michael Baer

Michael and Shari  Baer have been the proud owners of Chipinaw's resident camps since 1999. For these lifelong campers, this is a dream come true!

Michael started as a camper at the age of seven and loved it so much that he pursued a degree in Recreational Management and Business Administration at Ithaca College. As a summer camp director, Michael is on site every day to oversee everything from the hiring and training of our staff to maintaining relationships with all of our camp families. Michael is an essential part of what makes camp dynamic and fun for campers, too!

Shari has been in camping for over three decades as a camper, counselor, group leader, and head counselor. Her love for children led her to a degree in teaching with an emphasis in reading. Along with preparing and planning for camp, Shari also spends her winter months working in an elementary classroom at a local private school. Every summer all her energy is devoted to ensuring that all the campers are properly cared for and most importantly, are safe and happy.


Shari and Michael are also the proud parents of two sons, Cameron and Dylan, who have grown up spending their summers at Chipinaw.

On behalf of the entire Chipinaw family, Michael and Shari look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our summer camp family.








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