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  • Doctor on site
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 
  • Up to nine Registered Nurses
  • Health Center Director
  • Exam area
  • Private exam room​
  • Isolation rooms 
  • Accessible showers
  • Private dining area
  • Four extended stay rooms​
  • Separate Covid center
  • 7-10 Campers per bunk
  • 2-4 Counselors per bunk
  • Private Bathrooms & Showers
  • Closets
  • Plenty of storage space
  • On Demand Hot Water System
  • Outlets
  • Single & Bunk Beds
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Camp changes everyone for the better...

In some cases, your child may come back taller, or have a new favorite food. They may have tried something for the first time, or mastered a new skill. Perhaps the greatest change lies in their newfound responsibility and heightened independence. Each day after breakfast, campers return to their bunks for clean up. Campers are responsible to make their beds, take out the trash, straighten their belongings, and prepare for the day’s activities.

At meals, campers help clean up by stacking their plates and throwing out their own garbage. Campers show respect by saying “please” and “thank you” and encouraging their friends.


Campers are responsible for choosing and following their own activity schedule each day. Giving campers a voice and a choice helps to develop a sense of personal responsibility.

The simple goal of our dining room is to provide nutritious and well-balanced meals
that kids will enjoy eating.

Our campers eat family style with the other children and staff from their bunk and are served by waiters and waitresses. Our waiters and waitresses get to know each table’s preferences and food allergies and are careful to  serve campers appropriately.

During the summer, campers are constantly on the go and it’s extremely important that they eat right to maintain their health and energy. We strive to put together a kosher menu that is diverse and nutritionally sound. Of course, we realize that not every child is going to like every meal; that’s why we make sure that we always have multiple options available. Complementing every meal are our variety of food bars.

Health Center
Our state-of-the-art Health Center is a clean, bright, and spacious air-conditioned building equipped with…


committed to a traditional camp experience to help campers learn the value of TEAMWORK, gain new SKILLS, take RISKS and EXPLORE their interests in a continuously improving, modern, STATE -OF- THE -ART FACILITY. Campers can achieve SUCCESS in a wide variety of activities and develop INDEPENDENCE guided by a warm, supportive, PROFESSIONAL STAFF who foster SELF ESTEEM and encourage RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT for themselves and others, which are integral to living as part of a CAMP FAMILY and experiencing the Chipinaw and Silver Lake SPIRIT.

“We’ve got spirit, yes we do. We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?”

Camp spirit can be felt (and heard) all summer long. Whether campers are dressing up for theme days or enjoying one of our special events, the excitement is always in the air. 

Camp traditions have remained an integral part of our culture. Some traditions have continued since the opening of camp, close to 100 years ago.  The entire camp community comes together often to sing our camp alma mater. Familiar cheers and chants are passed on from generation to generation and no summer would be the same without the burning of the letters on the last night of camp.

Life Skills
We are screen free

Camp is the perfect place to get your hands dirty, play outside, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. 


We love that our campers immerse themselves in a screen free summer! Leave your cell phones and gaming consoles at home. Campers can bring approved MP3 players for music, if they choose.

At the top of the list of reasons to send your child to camp is the fact that camp teaches the skills that are essential for learning to become a successful, caring adult. At Chipinaw and Silver Lake, we are intentional in fostering decision-making, self-advocacy, fair play, teamwork, cooperation, and independence in a nurturing and encouraging environment. Campers develop self-esteem from making friends, meeting challenges, taking responsibility, learning new skills, completing projects, participating in circus and theater productions, and winning (and losing) games and tournaments. We are proud of the young adults that our campers become.

Bunk Life
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