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Who doesn't like a field trip
every now and then?

Our campers and staff love to take a trip off the camp grounds to visit the local trampoline park or go to an amusement park! At Chipinaw, our campers in 7th grade and above go on an overnight trip to Hershey Park, Boston, Toronto, or Washington DC. At Silver Lake, our 9th graders go on an overnight trip to CamelBack Lodge or Hershey Park.

best summer camp in new york

From Talent Shows to outside entertainment, our evenings are fun and energetic. Dress up with your bunkmates during Panic, cheer on your friends in Chipinaw Idol, or enjoy a pool party!

best summer camp in new york
best summer camp in new york
best summer camp in new york
  • Toronto

  • Washington, DC

  • Kartrite Water Park

  • Castle Fun Center

  • Trifecta - Dinner, Movie & Ice Skating

  • Trampoline Park

  • Boston

  • CamelBack Lodge

  • Cleveland

  • Dorney Park

  • Hershey Park

  • Mountain Creek

To spice it up even more, we have some great special events!

From Color War and College Bowl to Olympics and Carnival! Our campers also love our swim-a-thon and dance marathon to raise money for Project Morry.

View A Typical Day
best summer camp in new york
Evening Activities
Special Events

Daily Program

best summer camp in new york
With over sixty different summer camp activities at Chipinaw and Silver Lake,

campers are always excited about something! We encourage our campers to try all of the activities! As campers get older, we understand that their interests change and that they tend to focus on a specific area like athletics, art, computer graphics, or performing arts.


Our campers get to enjoy six activities a day, six days a week. Younger divisions get two water activities, two sport activities and two electives. As the campers get older, we add more  electives to accommodate their interests. Campers at Chipinaw and Silver Lake choose their activities the day before for the following day, with guidance from their group leaders. Check out our Activities section for a full list of offerings.

best summer camp in new york


best summer camp in new york
best summer camp in new york
  • Minute To Chip It

  • Mock Rock / MTV Night

  • Musical Shows

  • Panic / Manic

  • Party Harty -DJ

  • Path to Rhythm

  • Pool Parties

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Shampoo / Chocolate Pudding Wrestling

  • Sing

  • Talent Shows

  • Theme Dances

  • Todd Yahney -DJ

  • Amazing Race

  • Battle of the Campuses

  • Birthday Ball

  • Bruce Jacques

  • Bunk Feud

  • Campouts & Campfires

  • Chipinaw Downs

  • Chipinaw/Silver Lake Idol

  • Chipinaw/Silver Lake's Best Dance Crew

  • Clothing Scramble

  • Dating Game

  • DJ Dance Party's

  • Dutch Auction

  • Escape the Bunk

  • Evolution -DJ

  • ​Formations

  • Friday Night Services

  •  Hype Game Show

  •  Hypnotists

  • Jeff Yahney -DJ

  • Know Your Counselor

  • Magicians

best summer camp in new york
best summer camp in new york
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