Chipinaw Summer Camp Directors Meet Our Summer Camp Directors

Meet Our Summer Camp Directors

Michael & Shari Baer

Michael and Shari Baer have been the proud owners of Chipinaw's resident camps since 1999. Having both been in camping since their youth, this is a dream come true!

Michael started as a camper at the age of seven and loved it so much that he pursued a degree in Recreational Management and Business Administration at Ithaca College. As a summer camp director, he handles everything from overseeing the hiring of the staff to talking with all the parents. Most importantly, he ensures that the campers have the best summer possible!

Shari has been in camping for over three decades as a camper, counselor, group leader, and head counselor. Her love for children led her to a degree in teaching with an emphasis in reading. She now spends her winter months volunteering at the local elementary school where their children, Cameron and Dylan, attend as well as getting camp ready! Every summer all her energy is devoted to ensuring that all the campers are properly cared for and most importantly, are safe and happy.

On behalf of the entire Chipinaw family, Michael, and Shari look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our summer camp family.