Keeping Our Campers Safe

Our top priority at all times is the safety of children when they are at camp.  We ensure that all of our activities and programs are designed in such a way as to keep our campers safe from physical harm.
Of equal importance is our emphasis on ensuring that children are emotionally safe at camp.  We work to ensure that every camper feels connected and is engaged and involved in activities with other campers and with mature, adult staff.  Connectedness is shown time and again to be the great deterrent of bullying, ostracism, and negative decision-making. 
We also make a special effort to ensure that the only people on our campus are members of the camp community and have appropriate intentions for their relationships with kids.  This is among the reasons we built guard booths at both ends of Silver Lake Road this past summer. 
Chipinaw has always been safe places where children can learn, play, and be nurtured in a protective environment. 
Of course, recent events in Newtown, Connecticut will cause us to reexamine the procedures we have in place and make changes, if necessary. 
Our prayers and thoughts are with the families and community of Newtown.

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