Happy Soldiers and the Importance of Giving Back

groupAfter a wonderful Visiting Day at Camp Chipinaw, we found ourselves with an abundance of leftover food and snack items. Instead of storing them, we decided we would honor the spirit of camp and use this as an opportunity to give back.

We packed up our all of our favorite snacks and foods and sent them off to our wonderful soldiers of the US Armed Forces serving overseas. In return we received a very kind message from our heroes:

The 4 crew size boxes arrived about 2 weeks ago. I spurred an era of euphoria that I’ve not seen in the front office for a long time. I’m pretty sure it was Easter, Halloween, and Xmas all rolled into 4 boxes. To say thanks would not be justice enough to the morale and happiness of about 15 people – most of whom have not had a day off in several months.Shelf

From all of here surviving such a long way from home, Mahalo and thank you.

Some of us are in one of the pics, the second is of the shelf behind my desk – keep in mind that this is after 2 weeks!



It warms our hearts to be able to show our campers the importance of giving back in such a special way!

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