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7 Things Camp Directors Wish Parents Would Do While Their Child Is At Sleepaway Camp

by Jess Michaels   Sleepaway camp is just a few weeks away, and soon your child will be enjoying a summer full of sports, singing around the campfire, and making new friends. You, on the other hand, are a nervous wreck.  You can’t imagine your child surviving without you. As a parent and summer camp…

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I Love My Kid — That’s Why I Send Him Away For the Summer

by REBECCA GRUBER “I could never,” the stranger in line in front of me at Target exclaimed with her hand clenched against her chest. Moments earlier, she overheard me on the phone asking my 10-year-old son how many tubes of sunscreen he went through last Summer and if he needed a new fan this year….

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Happy Soldiers and the Importance of Giving Back

After a wonderful Visiting Day at Camp Chipinaw, we found ourselves with an abundance of leftover food and snack items. Instead of storing them, we decided we would honor the spirit of camp and use this as an opportunity to give back. We packed up our all of our favorite snacks and foods and sent…

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Top 5 Things That Happen When You Spend a Summer at Chipinaw

You start to unplug No school, no homework, and no internet are great. But the best part of summer? Waking up everyday knowing you’re going to have a blast playing outside with your friends. You’ve been waiting for summer all year long. Now you can finally spend the day wakeboarding on the lake, eating delicious…

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Thanks for Sending Me to Sleep-Away Camp, Mom and Dad

by Stefanie Blumer We really wait 10 months for 2. Call me crazy for almost being in my 20’s and still being completely obsessed and in love with my summer camp. Like they say, there is no place like [a second] home. I understand camp isn’t for everyone, especially sleep-away, but honestly I cannot thank…

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The Soft Skills Learned at Sleepaway Camp

By David Katz, Program Director at Camps Chipinaw and Silver Lake, New York. David Katz, Program Director at Camps Chipinaw and Silver Lake shares with parents the importance of finding a camp that teaches children soft skills. Each year, parents send children off to summer camp with the hopes that that they’ll have fun and make friends. They hope…

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10 Tips For Surviving Your Kids’ First Summer at Sleepaway Camp

by Abby M. King The contract is signed, the payment has been made and there is no turning back. Panic, fear and anxiety set in and you can’t breathe. Your child is going to sleepaway camp. Sleepaway camp can be a rite of passage, and the decision to send your child away is a big one….

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The Coolest Things About Summer Camp What’s so awesome about summer camp? Check out our top reasons to give your child the experience of a lifetime!

By Jess Michaels Learn New Activities: Whether your child goes to day or sleepaway camp, he or she will participate in a variety of activities including swimming, waterskiing, tennis, boating, ropes course and so much more. Your child will try new activities that he or she may never have had a chance to attempt before. Gain Life…

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The Jewish Jordan, but for walk-ons

By Dan Steinberg The list of collegiate athletes who emerged from the Golda Och Academy is modest, as such things go. The small Jewish day school in West Orange, N.J., once produced a JV basketball player at the University of Pennsylvania, and a high-scoring guard at Division III Ithaca. There have been a couple of Division…

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10 Reasons Why Your Camp Friends Are Still The Best Friends You’ve Ever Had

by Laura Argintar We accumulate many friends over the course of all the stages in our lives, but the girls who stick around the longest are, without a doubt, your camp friends. Unlike the relationships you have with your poorly termed “sorority sisters” or high school BFFs, your camp friendships have been in your life forever….

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