Dates, Fees and FAQs

Camp Chipinaw Dates, Fees and FAQs Dates, Fees and FAQs

2023 Dates & Rates

Camp Begins
Sunday, June 25th, 2023

Visiting Day
Sunday, July 16th, 2023

Last Day
Sunday, August 13th, 2023

Cost: $14,150
$13,950 (Register by September 1st)
$13,650 (Pay in full by September 1st)

*All dates are subject to change
*Rates subject to increase after January 1st

Tuition Includes:

  • Bus transportation from NY + NJ
  • Canteen
  • Laundry service
  • All day trips (except waiters + waitresses)
  • Gratuities (please note: Chipinaw is a non-tipping camp)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people are in each bunk?
Each cabin houses six to ten campers with at least two counselors. The cabins are equipped with modern conveniences such as full bath facilities including hot and cold running water; ample electrical outlets, and storage space for clothing including closets and cubbies for folded items. Our housekeeping staff cleans the bathrooms daily while the campers and counselors keep the main area of the cabin in order.
2. What summer camp activities will campers participate in?
Each division (age group) will have a schedule which includes team sports, swimming/water activities, and daily electives. Electives include individual sports, a variety of waterfront activities, horseback riding, visual and performing arts, circus, adventure activities, and computer arts to name a few. As children grow older they are offered more elective periods in their schedule. Check out the Daily Program section for more information.
3. How many people are in each activity?
Groups are sized for optimum attention to each camper. Team sports have ten to eighteen campers; enough for a game, but also a great size for small group instruction. Art classes normally have six to ten campers with one or two instructors. Tennis and swim instruction is offered in small groups and one on one. Check out the Daily Program section for more information.
4. How does the laundry work?
Our laundry is sent to an outside contractor each Wednesday and returned on Saturday. Laundry for each camper is kept together in their pre-assigned laundry bag and is returned neatly folded. Please make sure all clothing is labeled with the camper's name inside.
5. Do you have a doctor in camp?
We have a doctor, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and up to eight registered nurses on the grounds at all times. Our infirmary is staffed twenty-four hours per day. Check out the Health & Nutrition section for more information.
6. Are campers put into bunks by age or grade?
Campers are usually grouped in bunks by grade. Very rarely, parents will request a placement by age. We do our best to meet mutual bunk requests between campers.
7. Are there a lot of choices at mealtimes?
Yes. Besides the hot meal, there is a full salad bar, bread bar, pasta & potato bar, and fruit bar at lunch and dinner. Our baker creates the best breads and desserts in the Catskills! We will also do our best to assist those campers who need special meals. Check out the Health & Nutrition section for more information.
8. Are there any out of camp trips?
Chipinaw goes on some cool trips, which are organized by division. Some of our trips include several different water and amusement parks, local bowling alleys, and movie theaters. Our Juniors, Seniors, and Super Seniors on our Chipinaw campus go on overnight trips to Hershey Park, Boston, Virginia or Canada. These trips do incur an extra expense. Children also leave camp to compete in intercamp games and tournaments as well as attend movies or go bowling. We even go on rafting trips down the Delaware River and campouts at our own private campsite. Check out the Evening Activities & Special Events sections for more information.
9. Are there any other expenses? Do campers need extra money?
There are only a few extra expenses that families will incur. We request that each parent send in spending money for their campers for out of camp trips. This money is kept in the office and will be given to the campers by their group leaders when needed. The amount of spending money needed is based on the age of your camper. Most out of camp trips are included in the tuition with the exception of our Chipinaw Juniors (seventh grade), Seniors (eighth grade), and Super Seniors' (ninth grade) overnight trip and our Waiters and Waitresses' (tenth and eleventh grade) day off trips.
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We also require a $100 personal expense deposit (PED) for each camper. The fund is primarily used for incidental expenses and emergencies. At the end of the summer, the waiter tips are deducted from this account and the remaining balance is fully refundable. We also ask that you have all luggage shipped to camp about two weeks prior to the start of camp. We will send you information regarding the luggage company we use in your area. Every camper is unpacked and their beds are made before they arrive at camp. If a camper is traveling to camp via airplane, the family is responsible for the camper's ticket. Canteen items, horseback riding, most out of camp trips, transportation, and laundry are some of the items included in the tuition and are not an extra expense.
10. Where do campers come from?
Our campers come from all over the United States. We have large groups of children from the New York metropolitan area, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore-Washington, Florida, and California. We have even had some international campers from England, Germany, Australia, and Israel.

For International Campers

11. Do you have an English as a Second Language Program?
We do not have an ESL program, but we will be able to provide as much assistance as possible. We will do our best not to bunk your camper with others who speak their native language. If we have to bunk them together we will try our best to limit the number. We feel once they are immersed in the English language they will learn it quickly.
12. What airports can my camper fly into?
Once your child is registered, please contact us regarding flights and times before making any arrangements. Campers from a similar geographical area will be on the same flight together. All campers must fly as unaccompanied minors. All flights will be in and out of one of New York City's major airports.

Our staff will meet and greet campers upon arrival as well as ensuring a safe departure. We will try to be at the gate if possible. If not, they will make sure they are with the appropriate airline staff. We will give the parents an emergency contact number and procedures to follow in case of unexpected delays. The camp office will contact all parents upon their child's arrival. At this time, we do not have the ability to house a camper who comes early. However, if you are on holiday or traveling with your family in the U.S. beforehand, we do have other pick up locations available.
13. Will you provide linens for international campers?
To help limit costs, we will provide our international campers with bed linens and towels for use during the summer. Please be sure to label all clothing and items you send to camp with the camper's first and last name.